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Where do we stand on the Impact Fee Lawsuit? What about McGill?

IMG_3254One of my wife’s expressions I’ve come to think of when I think of government is “It all depends on whether you’re buying or selling.”.   The impact fee lawsuit among other issues looms over the City of Fernandina and potentially could amount to costs in the neighborhood of $3,000,000 if you add attorney’s fees, original fees, interest, and perhaps even damages for failed business or businesses simply unable to pay the fee. I find myself continually amazed by the big things just passing under the radar, while relatively small costs like “FUNDING YOUTH SPORTS”, is apparently, somewhere we can make up the difference?  Seriously!?! What about the movement of money and CRA?  Proper, improper….? 

Save a dime borrow a dollar seems to be the way of things more often than not.  Common sense should rule the day in local government.  Let the small things we enjoy….like well lit streets and open beach accesses without meters remain…but at the same time, resolve the big items intelligently. 

Then we could consider the other cloud darkening the sky over Fernandina.  http://jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/021707/nen_7979225.shtml  McGill Aviation….take a look at the story linked for more information.  More than $1,000,000 in fees so far.  What happens if we lose….?  "It is quite amazing," McGill Vice President Sean McGill said "Both sides have paid $1.1 million to date and we paid $500,000 for the business. My dad is selling other properties to pay for this." Credit for quote to www.jacksonville.com

When I consider borrowing or spending much of anything as you consider the impact of even these two suits and the potential financial crisis, combined with the recent borrowing for a waterfront park, I am stunned by the one dimensional views.  Raising a debt ceiling nationally, bailing out yet another business or ignoring the possibility of a looming financial crisis….does hurt the future of the town.  If you consider the drastic actions in some of the recent commission meetings and track the responsibility, I think you might think “it all depends on whether you’re buying or selling” as well. 


A group of local homeowners and business owners has brought a class-action lawsuit against the city for recovery of what are called illegal impact fees totaling at least $1.6 million.

Fernandina Beach, FL, News-Leader newspaper. The local news source for Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, FL

The above is all opinion, with a few links to relevant articles.  I hope everyone becomes a little more aware of how and where local government spends your tax dollar.

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