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I am a native Amelia Islander. This blog began as a way to write about a specific environmental concern and find an outlet for, I hope, positive ideas. Eventually the topics became more varied and cover anything from a new restaurant, to tax incentives for green construction.

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Edward E. Boner

  • Baptist Nassau Partners with Boys & Girls Clubs – Tipping the Scale
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  • Gerrity points to new operating procedures as major cause of “turmoil” within Fire Department
    Letter submitted by Joe Gerrity City Manager of Fernandina Beach November 25, 2014 3:13 p.m. Editor’s Note: Along with the City Manager Gerrity’s letter to commissioners printed below were a number of attachments. We did not post a copy of … Continue reading →
  • Nassau County Independent reports Port admits PR problem wants meeting to explain
    Mary Maguire Nassau County Independent www.ncflindependent.com November 25, 2014 2:49 p.m. Editor’s Note: Nassau County has another news blog available to interested readers. Mary McGuire, a reporter who covers the Nassau County beat, launched her own website on  October 13. … Continue reading →
  • Port Property Tax? – An opinion
    Submitted by Phil Scanlan November 25, 2014 7:45 a.m. It seems more than a bit ironic that, while Fernandina Beach was returning loans that had been aimed at improving the waterfront for residents and tourists the Nassau Port has borrowed … Continue reading →
  • Potter pleads guilty to capital sexual battery
    Information provided by James T. Hurley, Chief Fernandina Beach Police Departmentwww.fbpd.us November 24, 2014 8:03 p.m. Editor’s Note: Jeremiah Potter arrested by the Fernandina Beach Police Department in June 2014 for capital sexual battery of two children pled guilty today … Continue reading →
  • Fernandina Beach Business and Building Starts: October 2014
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  • Fernandina Branch Library to remain open until December 10
    Friends of the Library Press Release Submitted by Wilma Allen November 23, 2014 1:00 p.m. The Fernandina Beach Branch Library will be OPEN a little longer before moving into its new home! The Library will be OPEN Monday-Wednesday, November 24-26 … Continue reading →
  • Amelia Island revealed . . .
    Submitted by Priscilla Footlik November 23, 2014 1:00 a.m. Editor’s Note: Priscilla has lived on Amelia Island since 2007. Prior to arriving on Amelia, she lived most often in Colorado. She is a preschool teacher at Miss Kate’s PreK, and … Continue reading →
  • FSCJ’s dramaWORKS Students Present Acting and Directing Showcase
    FSCJ Media Release November 22, 2014 7:51 a.m. WHAT: Join us at the Wilson Center for the Arts for the 19th annual Acting and Directing Showcase presented by FSCJ’s dramaWORKS. Come see the FSCJ theatre department students recreate the best … Continue reading →
  • Amelia Island Runners announce 2014 Reindeer Run
    From information submitted by Derrick Cromer Amelia Island Runners November 21, 2014 4:22 p.m.   On your marks, get set, RUN … or walk! The Whimsical Reindeer Run Half Marathon and 5K will once again provide an opportunity for young … Continue reading →

Logging Truck Accident

Trucks are a fact of life on 8th Street.  Whatever caused the confusion in the picture above,  I’m just happy to see police and not an ambulance on site. 

Fort Clinch State Park to Bosque Bello Cemetery

One of the most overlooked…..BIG……attractions on Amelia Island is located at the far north end of the island, through an unassuming entrance on Atlantic Avenue.  Fort Clinch is home to the best mountain biking trail in the area, IMG_0088nature walks, the longest fishing pier in Northeast Florida and Fort Clinch.  I remember sneaking into the fort on holidays 40 years ago.  Growing up on the island, playing in our own Civil War Fort,  was a unique experience…..and remembering days spent playing with a handful of local kids is something I doubt many locals were lucky enough to experience.  Now, I see the restoration efforts and the incredible changes over the years as an incredibly positive thing for the island. 

If you have time, take a second look or try to attend over the Nov. 1,2,3  weekend for the monthly fort garrison event that portrays life at Fort Clinch under Union Occupation. This event is sponsored by the Fort Clinch Living History Program, Co. E. 1st NY Engineers, 75th Ohio, & Co. K 1st Michigan Sharpshooters/McBrides Company of FL Indian Scouts.  Events are well worth attending and the re-enactors are often entertaining and authentic.  Your attention is as interesting to the participants as their recreation of history is interesting to visitors.   http://floridareenactorsonlineresources.yolasite.com/list-of-events.php

If you’re interested in researching history, some of the local Spanish American soldiers are buried in Bosque Bello Cemetery off North 14th Street.  The Amelia Island Genealogical Society is a wonderful resource when searching for grave locations.  The trip is, while perhaps not normally first on most vacationers bucket lists, worth making and adds perspective to the history here in Fernandina.   (Map Credit to www.aigensoc.org)


Camp Amelia during the Spanish-American war – Fernandina, Florida

Looking over Camp Amelia during the Spanish-American war - Fernandina, Florida

Credit this photo: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/28839
(please include photographer’s name when noted).

A part of the park system since 1935, Fort Clinch is one of the most well-preserved 19th century forts in the country. Although no battles were fought here, it was garrisoned during both the Civil and Spanish-American wars.

Welcome to Florida State Parks

Welcome “Biggest Loser Resort”

It was a privilege to welcome this business to the island.  The Biggest Loser Resort held a ribbon-cutting and small opening last night.  Meeting a few of the people behind this business, the reason for their success became immediately apparent.  Professional, prepared and family came to mind.  

Every business coming to the island brings an economic impact.  This business brings years of international publicity and promotion.   Thanks to people like Gil Langley of TDC and Donald Staments of Omni, we are attracting exceptional business and opportunity. 

Welcome to the island!

Pirate Homecoming Game @FBHS

The Fernandina Beach Pirates football team lost Friday’s home non-conference game against West Nassau by a score of 43-26, but it was still a great time.  Homecoming, band, watching the oldest make four trips to the concession and completely miss noticing a girl notice him….  It’s so much more fun to watch, when you know half the crowd.  Now I’ve got to find a way to tell a friend I missed a benefit with “jazz” and “big band” for the big band and football at FBHS. 


Walking and Curious….Synthetic Drug or Not?

UntitledI’m curious…..this product looks like the packaging on synthetic drugs, but I was unable to find anything labeled “Rose’” online, under novelty item, synthetic, incense or anything logical.  Then again, the word “rose” is pretty common. 

If anyone knows where this product originated and if it is a synthetic drug, please contact the site.  The package below was found on school grounds  in October of 2014, in an area reserved for a sports activity.  We walk our dog through the area frequently and I tend to notice small packages about the size of synthetic drug packaging. (3”x3”)  Just for the record, the last package we found was “Cloud 9”, a known synthetic,  around 2 to 3 years ago the morning after a football game.  Locally, we have an ordinance with substantial fines…..I believe $500/gram fine if proven to be a synthetic.  Hopefully, the ordinance discourages all sales in the area and increases parent awareness.      http://www.fbfl.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/1351?fileID=1015

Products are being marketed as ‘bath salts’ and ‘potpourri’ that are synthetic substitutes that mimic the pharmacological effects of amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and other illegal drugs. Despite being labeled as “not for human consumption” these synthetic substances are being used as recreational drugs. These products are particularly attractive to children and young adults due to their availability at convenient stores at minimal cost and packaged with their favorite cartoon character. Unfortunately, these substances are often more potent and dangerous than illegal drugs and have very serious side effects. As a result, FAC supports expanding the controlled substance schedule to include new iterations of synthetic formulas that mimic the effects of illegal drugs and prohibiting certain types of packaging and marketing of any products claiming to mimic the effects of illegal drugs. In addition to statewide legislation, many counties are adopting their own ordinances aimed at stopping the proliferation of these harmful substances. A copy of Broward County and Pasco County ordinances are posted below as well as other related materials.


Self-Defense Seminar Benefitting the Fernandina Beach Library October 4th

This seminar should be informative, but will also be taught by a very experienced instructor.  Beyond the international study of aikido and years of time as an instructor, Dan Kelly is a retired US Marshall and far, far more experienced than most  ordinary “self defense” instructors.  This is worth a look, for a good cause and may save your life.  See details below…..October 4th, 2014 9AM to 12 Noon at the Atlantic Avenue Rec Center…..don’t be late.  

Aikido is performed by blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack rather than opposing it head-on. This requires very little physical strength, as the aikidōka (aikido practitioner) “leads” the attacker’s momentum using entering and turning movements. The techniques are completed with various throws or joint locks.[5]   Source: Wikipedia.org



Bees Behind Hola Café


You definitely notice the bees moving in and out of the pecan tree behind Hola Café and the Palace Saloon, but the uncommon part is the actual honey comb visible in the open under heavy tree and vine growth.  Pieces of the hive are lying on the ground along the fence and  I think one of the nearby businesses called a local beekeeper out of concern for safety.  I can imagine the danger if parts of the fragile hive fall out of the tree, when someone is standing nearby. 

See the dark area of the growth?  You can barely see the bees or hive in this picture, but they are fairly easy to see when standing underneath. 

Many aspects of a honey bee colony are cyclic in nature, and aggression is no exception. Honey bees have the ability to be aggressive at any time, but certain things set them off. In the late summer and early fall, more of these conditions exist.

What makes honey bees aggressive? | Honey Bee Suite


Bee Hive Barely Visible

Taking Florida for Granted

Giant Pampas grass in the background a rubber tree in a pot on my back porch, I think sometimes people take Florida for granted. I take that back I think people take Fernandina Beach for granted. We live on a barrier island with two state parks, world-class beaches and great restaurants in a historic downtown.

The Palace saloon, below is the oldest bar in Florida and one of the most unique stops you can make in Fernandina.

Oldest Saloon in Florida

Kids try out for Babe Ruth and you might be surprised by the level of involvement in this community. Did I mention we won state championships?
After September 1st each year the beach often looks like this until sometime in mid-March.


IO Moth Caterpillar

My son picked this up and managed to “maybe” enjoy a sting a few minutes ago. It really is worth reading the information on poisonous caterpillars in Florida.



IO Moth Caterpillar

IO Moth Caterpillar taken on 8 30 14 by Landon Boner


“Pale green with yellow and red stripes. Often exceeds 2″ in length and is fairly stout-bodied. The nettling organs are borne on fleshy tubercles, and the spines are usually yellow with black tips. The spines are connected to poison glands.” http://www.poisoncentertampa.org/venomous-critters/caterpillars.aspx



Typical Morning